I’m Sig.  I also sometimes go by Venya, particularly in gun nut blogs and fora so I don’t look like a Sig Sauer fanboy.  When I first started a blog under this name, I’d never heard of Sig Sauer (or MySpace, for that matter), so really it’s kind of unfortunate.  [Backstory below.]

I used to have a whining-about-my-job blog when I was a desktop and network support guy.  Then I had a milblog when I was busy killing the enemies of my government with the Nasty Guard.  Then I came home and had some kids and stopped blogging.  A few years of hiatus, and it seems like it’s time to start again.

I’m not sure what kind of blog this is.  So far (July 2012) it seems to be focused on guns, violence, and pictures of my children.  I am assuming there’s no significance to that combination, except that I’m interested in all of those things right now (albeit not together).

As of Fall 2014, I put ranting about writing and editing over at a second blog, http://venyawrites.wordpress.com (and @VenyaWrites on Twitter).

Why Sig9?

Because the minimum number of characters to create an account is 4.

Sig is short for signal9, which is a lame *nix joke. When you use the ‘kill’ command in Linux to shutdown a misbehaving process, you can specify exactly how you’d like the computer to end the process with ‘signals.’ One signal might send a standard quit command; another might kill and then restart the process. The -9 signal kills it dead, immediately, with no attempt to recover anything. It’s the instakill switch.

So of course, me being all new to this stuff in 2000, I thought that “signal9” would be a terribly clever online moniker for playing Counterstrike and Half-Life and whatnot. Yeah, me and a few dozen others. I have actually been kicked off of servers for not being the right Signal9.

Gradually over time, this shortened to Sig9 and eventually just Sig. And now thanks to WordPress.com, it’s up to Sig9 again.

My frequently-mentioned Sig Sauer pistol (in 9mm) is a happy coincidence.


Your thoughts, comrade?

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