I used to have a whining-about-my-job blog when I was a desktop and network support guy.  Then I had a milblog when I was busy killing the enemies of my government with the Nasty Guard.  Then I came home and had some kids and stopped blogging. A few years of hiatus, I blogged for a while, then I stopped again.

I’m not sure what kind of blog this is.  It used to be about guns, violence, and pictures of my children.  I am assuming there’s no significance to that combination, except that I was interested in all of those things at the time (albeit not together).  Then it was just sort of random occasional posts, and then nothing for a long time.

In Fall 2014, I put ranting about writing and editing over at a second blog, http://venyawrites.wordpress.com (and @VenyaWrites on Twitter).  I did that for a while. Then I ran out of things to say about that, and pretty much everything else for a few years.

Your thoughts, comrade?

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