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(It should go without saying, but everything Ranger Up in general and The Damn Few in particular is not safe for children or anyone offended by harsh language.)

The Damn Few is the truest portrayal of how military people interact ever put to cartoon.  The trailer is here; the entire series is on YouTube (starting here). Hilarity varies somewhat, but I’ve never not laughed at one. They are all pretty offensive.

This is my absolute favorite episode, bar none. It starts out funny, gets painfully hilarious around 3:50, and I had to watch the ending four times in a row when it first came out.

The DVD set includes the episodes so far plus origin stories for the core characters which are not otherwise available. The behind-the-scenes and making-of special features are a disturbing mix of hilarity and insight. I would have bought this just to support the company and thank them for the episodes already available, but there’s a lot of value added here for $20.

You should probably buy a t-shirt while you’re there.  Or the terrorists will win.