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Do essential things first.  There is not enough time for the commander to do everything. Each commander will have to determine wisely what is essential, and assign responsibilities for accomplishment. He should spend the remaining time on near essentials. This is especially true of training. Nonessentials should not take up time required for essentials.

General Bruce C. Clarke

Ironic because this quote comes to me courtesy of Structured Self-Develoment (SSD) Level 4 Module 1.  This is the second SSD level I have done, having had to complete level 3 in a weekend so I could be put in for Senior Leader Course (previously known as Advanced NCO Course (ANCOC)).

It is safe to say that this is the poorest, most pointless online training I have ever encountered.  It is now a required step between each level of noncomissioned officer education system (NCOES) schools.

It is also symptomatic of a larger issue within the Army. We spend ridiculous amounts of time on ineffectual training foisted off on us by political necessity so the Army can say it is Doing Something about various very real problems (sexual harassment, suicide, alcohol abuse, domestic abuse).  Whether the training actually addresses or helps the problem at which it was aimed is never addressed.

I suspect we spend more time doing online training than any other single training activity.  Think about that.