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Sorry, no meaningful post last night or tonight.  Last night I worked/trained until 2100, and tonight I had to reconnect with my firstborn over Lego Star Wars II and then replace the LCD in my laptop.  (Pro tip: it’s much easier to just not step on it in the first place.)

I have more to say about TAPR DCC, a few of the cool presentations, and TAPR itself, but it will have to wait at least another day.  Hmm, actually, we’re seeing Porgy and Bess at the Seattle Symphony on Friday, so maybe I’ll front load some stuff for tomorrow.  I’m on leave for the next two weeks after Friday (minus drill weekend in the middle), so I should be able to finish up the last few things soon.

In the mean time, I strongly urge you to check out Bruce Perens’ comment on my last TAPR post, which aside from being technically more accurate and interesting than my post, is a disturbing reminder that Google works both ways and the Intarweb is not so big that you can’t find yourself if you happen to look.

OK, story time for kiddos.  Lately, it’s been Siglet Prime re-telling choice bits of Star Wars on his Magnadoodle.  This is remarkably entertaining for me and much better than re-reading Dr. Seuss.