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There are things I’ve always wanted to do.  There are things I’ve never wanted to do.  And since discovering amateur radio three months ago, there are things that I never realized that I really want to do–someday.  Among the latter category is going to a really cool technical conference where very clever radio people talk nerdy to each other.

But the opportunity arrived today, not someday.  The 2013 Digital Communications Convention, sponsored by Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR) and the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL), happened to be occurring in Seattle on 20-22 September this year.

I’m really the wrong guy to go to this.  I am that most uninteresting of amateur radio people: the no-code technician.  I don’t program.  I have only the shallowest grasp of electronics.  I’ve never built my own antenna.  I even own a $35 cheap Chinese import HT.

But I am interested.  And while I don’t claim to understand everything I heard, I did grok a fair bit.  I will try to summarize the more interesting and accessible bits.