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Someday, someone is going to ask me when and how Siglet Prime learned to read, and I’m going to have to respond “age five” and “via PBSKids.org and Netflix.”

We have read to him quite a bit and have encouraged him from early on to learn his letters, but we have not yet made a concerted effort to start teaching him to read.  Nonetheless, without much prompting, he has recently taken to asking/guessing how to spell words and is now sounding out new words that he finds written in various places.

I can’t decide if this is awesome or awful.

(Every once in a while I make a half-hearted attempt to teach him some Russian words, but he assumes that any words he does not understand are Spanish, and tells me he doesn’t understand Spanish and to stop speaking it.  Thanks, Dora.)

I learned to read fairly early, but I don’t remember when, exactly.  There was some sort of audio tape and book set that we had for my older brother, and I remember digging into that after he had already started school.  I distinctly remember reading classes in 1st grade with these various story books color-coded by difficulty, and that there wasn’t anything in them that I couldn’t already read.  I credit most of my writing ability to being a voracious reader growing up, and I have my parents to thank for that, so hopefully I can pass that love on to my own kids.  It seems we’re off to a decent start.