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No process pics, just the finished work.  This was a semi-rush job for SSG Huggie Bear, our company Readiness NCO, who was having his last drill with us prior to being transferred to another unit.


The angry teddy bear was enhanced from some generic clip art I found.  I used a shaded beveler for the outer edges to make it a little more “fuzzy,” but used the smooth beveler for the interior edges.


I would do the mouth lines differently next time.  The lines on the top part of his head in particular were not blended well.


This is obviously inspired by/stolen from the 300th MI crest, but given the near 20 years that Huggie has given that organization, I thought it eminently appropriate.  I free-handed these on paper and then traced them onto the leather.  They’re a good deal larger and the angle is different than the “normal” arrangement; I was going for skull-and-crossbones arrangement.  But, you know.  With a bear.IMG_2750A lot of pig died to bring this liner.  By doing “full page” lining, the front few and last few pages will have just as good a writing surface as the middle ones.  It does make it a pain to get the notebook in and out, of course, but you don’t do that very often.  No bookmark ribbon on this one, but I did put in the retention elastic strap to keep the cover closed.

IMG_2743Exterior, front and back.  Old English initials insure no one will mistake it for their teddy-bear-quill-and-dagger cover. Java brown dye, with another dark brown (I forget which) hi-lite stain; both applied with sponge, and then acrylic resolene for the finish. Black waxed cotton thread saddle-stitched together. Similar to the X-Com cover, I kind of dragged around the surface stain with the finishing layers to give it a weathered look. I think it turned out nicely, especially given the rush.