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In addition to a few books that I thought his library needed, I decided to make my father-in-law a little card carrier to help spread the word about his business, Custom Wooden Workspaces.  I somehow managed to forget to take any pictures of the finished product, but you can see it in progress here.

The cutout is the front of the case, to aid in removing cards. The hole below it is where the bottom half of the snap will go.


His initials were printed into the cased leather using a stencil set from Tandy Leather which I can now no longer find.

Some detail work with modeling spoon and specialty X-Acto knife blades brought it out in greater depth.


I basically had to freehand draw this and then tool it in some using a shaded beveler and a triangular smooth stamp (this one?) for the Ws.  Don’t worry: I smoothed out that C some more before I was done.


The java brown dye may be my current favorite.  This is still pretty glossy because I just dyed it, but it’s a little more subdued after drying.  It looks an awful lot like wood grain, actually, which was what I was hoping for.IMG_2651And here’s the letters and grain in greater detail.

Not pictured: the rest of the process.  I skived the creases in and then tri-folded it, with the initialed 1/3 going over the front with the cutout; the top of the snap went in between the two letters.  The logo then shows up properly on the back.  Two long, thin pieces provided a spacer on either side to give it some depth; they were glued in, and then it was all saddle-stitched.

It turned out decently.  I would do it a little differently given a bit more time and this experience.  In particular, for something this small, you really want a tool to make good, sharp creases in the leather.  Since doing this one, I have picked up an adjustable “V” gouge and am looking forward to seeing what I can do with it on similar projects.