Quick updates on life:

  • I’ve been sick almost continuously since I got back from the last trip, in mid-December.  Someone in my household (or usually, several someones) has been sick non-stop since then.  I’m getting over the latest bout right now.
  • No one has banned my guns yet.  I suspect my state reps are getting tired of hearing from me.  My last two posts generated the most traffic I’ve seen since someone famousish linked to me.
  • I’m seriously demoralized by trying to explain to an otherwise intelligent person why I shouldn’t have to justify my “need” to own an AR rifle.  The idea that we should have to prove a legitimate “need” to be “allowed” by our government to do or own something is absolutely appalling to me.  Where do I begin to explain it?
  • I’m on another trip for work.  Some take me to the Ko Olina resort on Oahu; some take me to an 8’x8′ converted barracks room with the most uncomfortable bed ever produced by mankind, situated in the middle of scenic Yakistan. Guess which kind of trip this is.
  • I brought almost all of my leather working kit, if not as much actual leather as I would prefer to have.  I will get some stuff done.
  • Internet is via tethered cell phone of dubious signal.  Posting will continue to be sparse.