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We’re a very top-heavy organization; I think there are about 15 officers in our company of perhaps 85 people.  By some weird stroke of fate (or perhaps divine intervention), not one of them is actually present on a regular basis to be our platoon leader.

This month, we had a platoon leader for almost a full day.  We met our new second lieutenant late yesterday morning, had him sit in on an NCO meeting, set him a few impossible tasks, and received a generally favorable impression.  At first formation this morning, we found he’d been re-assigned to another platoon.

We were discussing it afterward and realized that this is a new record for our platoon.  I think we had one for two days once, but never less than 24 hours.  In light of our unit’s new emphasis on recognizing achievement, I decided to dig out a DA 638 and write him up for an Army Achievement Medal.  The other squad leaders helped.

Proposed Citation:

For meritorious achievement as Platoon Leader for 2nd Platoon, Company B, [Battalion] from 4 to 5 January 2013. Second Lieutenant Bungee inspired the Soldiers of 2nd Platoon with his tenacity, character, and unflagging devotion to accomplishment of the mission. He demonstrated all of the finest attributes of the officer corps in each of the several moments that he led 2nd Platoon, and will continue to serve as an example in the hearts and minds of his Soldiers. Lieutenant Bungee’s achievement reflects great credit upon himself, his unit, the Washington National Guard, and the United States Army.

(Among the proposed achievements that didn’t make the cut was “2LT Bungee is a mammal,” but while we thought it almost certain, we weren’t entirely sure we could document that fact, and “probably a mammal” was judged to be damning with faint praise.)