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This was a request from my buddy Matt for his wife.  The hardest part was finding a picture of a unicorn that I didn’t hate and that would translate well to the medium.  This one is derived from DeviantArt user Ludendorf’s “Unicorn Icons“:

IMG_2586I took the basic lines and simplified it a little, traced out the lines, and cut and tooled.  The core design is almost mechanical; I tried to keep that feel as much as possible.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take any shots prior to this point in the tooling.


Dyed forest green:

…and then hit with a liberal dash of Eco-Flo Gold Frost Hi-Lite Color Stain, which makes it uber-sparkly in the light.  This, unfortunately, is just about impossible to capture with my camera skills.
IMG_2562 IMG_2589

For comparison, here’s the original (which was oriented horizontally):

Another attempt (in vain) to get the richness of the colors to show.  I messed with all sorts of settings, trying to get it, but it just wasn’t happening.  Otherwise, it’s a conventional cover (for me, at least): black pigskin lining, brown waxed thread saddle stitching (which contrasts nicely), and a ribbon bookmark sewn behind the lining.IMG_2577Of course, Matt clearly needed his own notebook cover (his work uses the same ugly green Office Depot notebooks as mine), so that was the next project.