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Oil-tanned book cover, oblique front

It’s normally pretty easy to forget that the leather I’m working with once walked around and said “moo.”  Not so much with this piece, which features some “clumsy cow” markings and two separate brands.  Making a virtue of necessity, I decided to feature these in a book cover, rather than hide or (worse yet) discard them.

Oil-tanned book cover, front detail

The major scar tissue is featured prominently front and center, along with a “box H” in the lower right quadrant.  That’s more scarring in the upper right.

Oil-tanned book cover, reverse

The back is not quite as interesting, but you can see most of a “9” upper center.Oil-tanned book cover, openInside is a pretty standard pigskin-lined book cover.  I did integrate a bookmark into the lining (from a rather charming spool of ribbon I recently found on sale).

This will fit the “large” paperbacks that seem to be in vogue lately, but is not too big to fit the standard ugly green notebooks you can get at Office Depot or any military supply room (as featured in my first tooled notebook cover).

This was the first thing I finished on my trip to Maryland in November, and I carried either my notebook or a paperback around in it for the duration of my trip.  It attracted considerable notice and some nice remarks.

(The book is Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age, by Kurt Beyer, which I picked up on clearance at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.  It’s a pretty good read on a fascinating individual.)