Note: I finished this back on 16 December (having started it in late November while in Maryland), but am post-dating the related entry in case I end up making this a small Christmas present for someone.  This was one of those for-the-hell-of-it projects (i.e. just like most everything else I do).

16 December 012

A fresh coat of java brown

This is a basic pocket notebook cover using vegetable tanned leather–the sort I could tool designs into, but in this case I went with the natural grain and Eco-Flo Java Brown dye.  This was one of the last things I made using the economy double shoulder I bought a few months ago when I first started tooling leather; you can see some of the “streaks” are actually places where the leather itself has been stressed.

Button-snap small notebook cover, reverse side

The snap flap is sewn to the back as shown.  It’s the natural leather hue, slightly darkened by the Eco-Flo Super Shene and then Fiebing’s Acrylic Resolene finish I used on the entire piece.  I also rubbed on a little Fiebing’s Snow Proof Paste to give it every bit of waterproofing I could.  (I had just recently acquired these things.)

Interior is pigskin, and it’s all saddle-stitched together with brown waxed thread.  I took a picture of the interior, but it’s thoroughly uninteresting even to me, so I left it off.  Here are some different angles on the exterior:

Snap-closure small notebook, exterior alternate

This was largely inspired by Ian Atkinson‘s small notebook video, although his is a little more ambitious and much more polished.  I would have gone with his elastic band closure method, but I haven’t found a source of the exactly the sort of elastic I’m after.