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I’m a big fan of simple, sometimes.  This was done up for a white elephant gift exchange at work.  Several of us conspired to bring comic book-themed gifts targeted at one specific coworker, who will then have to choose (and possibly beg and barter).  This was my entry.

Green Lantern 010

Nothing terribly fancy.  I did a fair bit of googling to find out what the preferred Green Lantern logo was for those “in the know,” since apparently this is one of those debated things.  I lost the link where I found this particular variant, but the blog author’s logic was sound to my ignorant mind. (I know virtually nothing about Green Lantern that I didn’t find out in this article.)

Green Lantern 012

Instead of a pigskin lining, I just lightly sanded the inside, and then stitched a half pocket (of thin tooling leather) to the outer and lower edges of the main cover.  This way, it will hold either side- or top-bound notebooks.

The inside is dyed coal black (some of which bled through the beveled outer edges of the front, which turned out cool).  The pocket is also coal black, but I did not saturate it as heavily, and then wiped some off when I applied the acrylic resolene finish (because I was impatient).  That said, it looks nice (I think), and it’s not like you’ll be staring at it that often anyway.

Green Lantern 016

I tried emerald green for the logo (with a small brush), slapped a coat of Super Shene on it to resist, and then sponged the rest of it with forest green.  It didn’t turn out how I expected, but I rather like it.  The whole thing is finished (again) with acrylic resolene.

Green Lantern 008

A close-up of the Lantern tooling.  I am terrible at circles with a swivel knife, to the point that I actively avoid designs employing them.
Green Lantern 018And here’s a flashback to what it looked like prior to dyeing.  This was just about the last usable section I had from the economy double shoulder I purchased back in mid-October (when I was on leave).  I like the extra character that the stress lines and what-have-you give the notebook covers; however, having bought some of the mid-grade tooling leather last week, I can say that it is noticeably cleaner and more uniform in color and character.

I started this on 18 December and finished it the following morning (while home sick).  Gift exchange is scheduled for Friday 21 December, so I’m post-dating publication for this entry until then.  We’ll see how it goes. Worst case, I have a new notebook cover, as I’d happily carry this one around.

I had help.

Also, I had help.