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I think if I were to obsess about hits and reads and page views, I should probably go insane from frustration.  Despite the numerous topics and (to me, at least) interesting and thought-provoking things I have written here, 3 out of 4 people visiting are here to find out what I thought of my revolver.

Pretty consistently, the number one article getting hits here is my review of the Ruger SP101 3″ revolver in .357 Magnum (in parts the first and second).  I don’t mean by a little bit; I mean every single day.  Those two articles are the first and third most-viewed posts here since I started, respectively.  (The second is my response to the Aurora shooting.)  Aside from the home page and my review of the Book of Grant (and most of those hits came referred from Mr. Cunningham’s blog) nothing else is even close.

So clearly, if I want more readers, I should keep yammering on about it.

Sadly, I don’t have a lot more to say at the moment.  I shoot occasionally–not nearly as often as I’d like–and I am pretty comfortable with my proficiency and where the rounds are going.  It did indeed become my preferred every day carry weapon (everywhere except, alas, work).   Whether I just got used to it or it actually adjusted with wear, I’m not sure, but my Blade-Tech IWB Nano holster for it is perfectly comfortable now.  (Unless I’m wearing my older (thinner) jeans, in which case I have to go OWB, which means carrying the Sig.  I need to lose even more weight, or build an OWB holster for the Ruger.)

I just don’t think about it too much.  I clean it every once in a while.  I do visual inspections.  It’s still quite pretty.

Sorry, nothing new to report.  As you were.