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Is my Google-Fu too weak, or is there no real leathercraft blogging community?

Oh, Tandy has an occasionally updated blog, and there are a few other big players (or people who want to be big players), but not an actual blogging community that I can find.  There are a handful of individuals, but for almost all of them it’s a case of their blog existing primarily to support and market their Etsy store or what have you.

There’s nothing wrong with that.  Indeed, if I were going to try to defray the costs of my hobby by selling some of the products online, you’d better believe I’d be pimping the hell out of my online store.  But there doesn’t seem to be much of a discussion happening beyond look-what-I-just-finished-now-on-sale, whereas I’m more interested in leather-as-hobby.

I find the idea that there wouldn’t be such a community to be strange in the extreme.  My longest running blog was primarily a milblog, after all, and this one started off more as a gun blog (with mil tendencies) before it was largely co-opted this summer by leather work.  Each of those fields has (or had, in the case of milblogs) an extensive and thriving collection of voices.  Of course, both of those are ongoing concerns with heated opinions on every side of every conceivable issue.  (I’m not certain leathercraft even has issues.)

Am I just missing something?  I’ve only recently started to search, but so far I’ve been severely underwhelmed by the results.

(On the plus side, I appear to have the market cornered.)

Also, is “leathercraft” one word or two?  See, this is the sort of thing we could have blog feuds about.