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The two-week TDY is almost over.  I burned through several sets of batteries on my digital camera at the National Mall and Arlington, but you’ll have to take my word for it for now, since I didn’t bring the appropriate cable to move the pictures onto my computer.

I’ve also done a fair quantity of leather work, but even if I had the cable, I wouldn’t be posting pics (for now) since many of these items are going to become Christmas presents.

Between the trips to DC, leather work, and my rather excellent teaching experience, this has been one of my best TDYs ever.  I genuinely enjoyed walking around and seeing things in DC; I don’t remember the last time I actually enjoyed being in a city.  Definitely pre-Afghanistan, whenever it was. This has been a cool trip all around.

That said, I really miss my family.  And my guns.  And my job, a little.  Possibly the dog.  Anyway, it’s time to go home soon.  Tomorrow is grading more papers, then review time, and Friday is just testing (and the start of the grading).  I could potentially get out in time to go see a few more things in DC, but I don’t think I’m going to be that ambitious.

Oh yeah–I saw Lincoln last night, too.  You should go do that.  I hate going to the movies, but it was excellent and worth the full price and getting lost and everything.  I would do it again, even.