SFC Smallville has a bigass knife (pictured bottom) which had a fairly sturdy kydex sheath with excellent retention–mated to a cheap nylon web belt loop (center).  Why someone would do that, I do not know, but it was probably flimsy coming out of the factory and was fraying badly when I saw it.  Clearly, it needed something a little more stout (top, riveted to sheath).

A big piece of lightweight tooling leather (not one of the prettier pieces, obviously, but this is a working object), folded over, glued, sewn with countersunk black waxed thread, then riveted/eyeleted (is that a word?) with antique brass hardware because that’s what I had available in the necessary sizes.  Edges get burnished, everything gets hit with Tandy’s Dark Cocoa Brown dye (now out of production, but I bought a BIG bottle this week) and Fiebing’s Tan Kote finishes it off.  It still needs a good sealing coat for weather protection; I’ll probably just use black shoe polish, which both I and the knife’s owner own in abundance.

No fancy tooling or anything, but it is flexible and strong and (according to early reports) exactly what SFC Smallville envisioned.  I do need to remember to wipe down the knife for prints before I give it back; I don’t know what he intends to do with this monster.

Probably won’t be many leather photos for the next few weeks; mostly, I’m working on Christmas presents for people, and there’s no sense spoiling the surprise in case any of them actually read here.