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Or so I judge by the fact that Bad Things happen whenever I eat, so I’ve stopped eating.

I did, indeed, catch The Death Virus that hit 40+ people from our church last week, although it didn’t really hit until Monday.  The wife and kids are not entirely recovered, so it’s a house full of sick/irritable people watching a lot of DVDs.

I came home tired, achy, and miserable yesterday after only 45 minutes at work (during which time I hopefully did not share this) and promptly slept for 3 more hours.  I spent the remainder of the day watching Star Trek (original) episodes, capped off with Wrath of Khan.  I was feeling better today, but did nothing more active than read my Google Reader feed and re-read Scott Westerfield’s The Killing of Worlds.

Mostly I’m just lethargic and occasionally dizzy.  The Death Virus doesn’t seem to be hitting me quite so hard as the others experienced at the height of their illness.  I suspect this is because of the aforehinted involuntary fasting–there’s simply nothing left for my body to use as a weapon against me.  A few years ago, I fasted for about a week, so there’s a definite sense of “meh, not a big deal” about skipping food for a few days.  I drink lots of water, and coffee sits fine, so that’s really all that matters.

Anyway, not doing anything interesting here.  I’ll try to think of something to entertain you while I lie in a semi-comatose state.