Still a few edges to smooth out, but this is the latest project nearing completion. The exterior is the same burgundy oil-tanned leather I’ve been using for everything else (because it’s what I have handy); the interior is a black pigskin lining I picked up a few weeks ago, although I chose to glue/stitch it in “upside down” because I liked the soft underside better than the shiny top grain for the inside of the case. Stitching is a brown waxed thread that complements the burgundy nicely.

(I’m getting better; the burgundy is not hiding any of my blood this time.)

Closed Kindle cover

The Kindle cover when closed.

I intentionally picked a section of the leather with some scoring and character on it–what I think of as “Clumsy Cow” leather.  That’s the darker discoloration on the flap, and is why that flap is supposed to go on top.

I haven’t yet decided on a method of securely closing it. I’m philosophically opposed to hook and loop (better known as Velcro), but I don’t want a snap closure because I’d be pressing on the screen. I’m kind of leaning toward a simple tie or drawstring using leather cord, though right now all I have around is some mil-spec 550 cord. Thoughts?