Because what is the government good at? If you look at its history, it’s very bad at helping people. It has been much, much better at using policies to destroy jobs than it has been at creating them, and better at ruining existing opportunities than at making new ones. In fact, the only thing the government seems quite competent at is destroying things. Think of the federal government as Godzilla. It’s this large, cumbersome creature that easily crushes buildings and steps on people without even noticing them half the time. Now, would you have Godzilla care for individuals? It would be like, ‘You look hungry; let me scoop some soup for you.’ And while it was concentrating on that small task, it would accidentally step on a children’s hospital. Well, that’s not completely accurate; I don’t think Godzilla can talk. But you get the picture.

More FrankJ, from How to Fix Everything in America Forever.  I really do think this is his strongest effort yet: insightful/inciteful, yet consistently funny.  I managed to draw it out over the course of several nights, and ended up highlighting over a dozen passages; usually I’m far too lazy for that sort of work. Go check out the Kindle page for it and read the first chapter.