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I have other things I have started, but this is my first finished project. It is rough, largely because I didn’t measure anything, but it is functional. The belt clips are a little more Cold War era Army than I originally wanted, but they were handy, and thanks to my MR2 alternator, I have no budget for a while. I have over 20 SQUARE FEET of the burgundy oil finished leather, so expect to see more of it.

Update: More pics and details below the tear line.

Ammo pouch – in progress.

See what I mean about the mounting hardware? It’s what I had lying around my garage. Kind of a nice retro look, I guess.

Closed pouch.

I didn’t measure anything, and the hardware (i.e. snaps, rivets) was all stolen from another project (a cell phone case that came with my original leather working kit purchase).  I think it has a nice rustic feel to it, though, and it fits very securely on my belt just in front of the gun.

The ammo strip, incidentally, is a Tuff Quickstrip.  I bought a few of these and then a quickloader so I could try different things.  My biggest annoyance with the quickloader is just how big it is; pouches for it are a non-trivial affair, and they stick out a ways from your body.  Also, since I didn’t yet have a pouch for mine, it was in a cargo pocket that came open in Mom’s driveway and I accidentally backed over it.  Oops.  Ten bucks gone, plus another 6 for the hollow point .357 Magnum rounds it was holding that I don’t dare fire now.

Now doesn’t this look nicer than Tuff’s $17 nylon version?  In fairness, that one holds two Quickstrips, but this would not be any harder for me to do.  My thinking is simply that if I react, fire five rounds, reload, fire another five rounds, and still haven’t solved the problem, more ammo probably isn’t going to help.