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Some random tools on a sturdy table = leather workshop

I’m not sure what the anvil is for, honestly, but I bet it would hurt if I chucked it at someone.

I’m a little fuzzy on how it happened, but apparently I am getting started in leather working.  Or so I judge by the 200+ dollars I’ve spent on leather working tools and dyes and accessories and scraps and leather in the last two weeks.

This, too, is somehow Grant‘s fault.  After reading his blog and his book (buy it!), I bought my first revolver (the oft-mentioned Ruger SP101) in a satin stainless steel finish.  Such a thing, finely crafted and beautifully proportioned, is too pretty to be hidden in a plastic Kydex coffin.  Too, I have been open carrying a bit more, and wanted something nicer looking for those occasions.

So I started looking into leather holsters, which can run into ridiculous amounts of money and are not usually quite what I’m looking for.  I’m not certain, but I believe I was looking at holster reviews on YouTube when I somehow got sidetracked into videos about making leather holsters.

Two weeks later, most of my discretionary funding (i.e. what I think thought of as the gun cache cash)  has been spent on leather working things.  I don’t have much to show for it yet except some practice tooling on scraps and a 2-pound anvil that I bought (on sale) because it amused me.

If you’re thinking about getting into leather working, I recommend one of the Tandy kits, e.g. the Deluxe Leathercraft Kit, which comes with a lot of the basic tools and dyes and whatnot, and several different pre-cut and drilled projects to get you started.  At the moment, it’s marked down to about $70 from a nominal list price of $180.  The tools and materials alone (without the projects) are worth that.  You don’t have to go all out and buy more junk from them, but it’s fun and there’s a lot of great stuff out there.  Be aware that anything you order online will usually ship from the nearest physical store, so you might as well just go there if you have one nearby and save on shipping (as prices will be identical).  In Tacoma, at least, the people are very nice, if entirely too persuasive for my comfort.

We will see what results.  I’m actually really enjoying it so far, and it’s awesome to have another hobby that does not involve sitting in front of a computer screen.  As my kids get older, it will be easy to involve them, as well.

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