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One last evening without my family, but at least I’m home.  Since returning from that hellish tropical paradise yesterday morning, I have done the following:

  • Slept three hours.
  • Played with my children at my in-laws’.  Slept on the couch with them.  Went to church, lunch, and back to that couch. Then left them with their grandparents for another night.
  • Read John Scalzi‘s Redshirts.  Outstanding. Probably more to say later.
  • Read Grant Cunningham‘s Gun Digest Book of the Revolver.  Also outstanding.  More to say later. [Update: Said it.]
  • Played on my Ashbory bass, poorly, which I purchased about 12 hours before leaving two weeks ago.  Of course, one of the strings snapped while I was gone, but I was able to tie new knots and rescue the string.  I think it had not been played in a very long time…
  • Played on my new Axl SRO Badwater guitar.  Poorly.  Much more poorly.  I have been playing bass guitar for a while, so I had something to go on with the Ashbory. Guitar?  Not so much.
  • Unpacked from the trip.
  • Watched my new Stevie Ray Vaughan live DVD.  (Well, had it going in the background while I unpacked.)
  • Ate some dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets
  • Changed the theme on this blog

Why do I own so many musical instruments that I play poorly?  (Why don’t you just shut the hell up?)  Truthfully, I’m not entirely certain. I have an acoustic six-string, another (conventional) electric bass guitar on loan from a buddy, another electric bass guitar (non-functional at the moment), and a silver-plated valve trombone that dates from the end of the Great War. With the exception of the Ashbory, I didn’t set out to acquire any of these intentionally. I have some minimal level of proficiency with the basses; I’m hopeless on the guitar, and haven’t played any valved instrument in over a decade now.

Anyway, I’m tired and I have to go back to work tomorrow and submit a $3000 travel voucher.  So I leave you with SRV.