Sergeant Majors Heroism, Quick Thinking, Saves Entire Platoon From Certain Death | The Duffel Blog.

Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan– Many leaders struggle to make a real impact on soldiers’ lives, but Command Sergeant Major Richard Widmark doesn’t have that problem. Widmark, assigned to 325th BSTB at Bagram Air Field, saved a platoon from certain death today after spotting a six-vehicle convoy returning from a security patrol.

He immediately noticed one of the Soldiers was clearing a weapon while wearing neither his protective eye wear or Army Combat Helmet (ACH). Even worse, the Soldier had the “eye-pro” perched on top of his head.

Springing into action, CSM Widmark screamed, “You! Hey you! Who is your Squad Leader? Who is your Platoon Leader?” Upon identifying the Soldier’s chain of command, Widmark then launched into an impromptu 25-minute briefing on how “laxadasical” approaches to standards were causing Soldiers to die “outside the wire.”

I posted this link on my battalion CSM’s Facebook page, but he was strangely uninspired.